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From Executive Board Member: Mitch Stein (07/11/2016)


I am very proud that I have been fortunate enough to attend State three years in a row and watch my daughter's gold teams and a few of our league's other teams battle it out for wins and league respect. I always found it strange and quite annoying that so many people would ask where our league was from. Now, as I watched this past weekend, other leagues look at the master bracket and pray they don't see WVGS in its path. Everyone now knows who we are. As an executive board member of the league, this makes me very happy.


I just watched and coached what felt like 50 games over a 48 hour weekend.


Our 8U GOLD team. One girl smaller than the next. At seven and eight years old, all they do is hit, field and have lights out pitching. What they learned is the importance of team chemistry not only on the field, but off the field as well. I am a firm believer that a team cannot win without it. The result- State Champions.


 Our 12U GOLD team, TONS of talent and a group of girls who were getting one last shot before they left the league to FINALLY make it to State. Not only did they make it, they played amazing and finished third. I have no doubt they will thrive at Nationals in two weeks in Arizona.


Finally, our 10U GOLD team, my daughter's team. A team that was expected at the outset to do very well and was forced to live up to those high expectations. Won every tournament they entered during the season. District champions. Then received a brutal draw at State and fought their way out of a huge hole and battled from the crack of dawn to the middle of night and eventually qualified on the field to go to Nationals. I have no doubt that in three weeks with a draw based on performance and not luck, they will have as good a chance as any to win the National Championship.


WVGS has been around for almost 50 years and right now we are to a point as a league where everyone now knows who we are and that they only want to see us passing by on the walk way at a tournament, and not in the opposing dugout. 


Let's all kill it at Nationals and Regionals. I think we are just getting started. GO WVGS HEAT!




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See you at the fields!

West Valley Girls Softball (WVGS) is an ASA-affiliated "B" recreational fastpitch softball league. We are a non-profit organization operated by volunteers. We are located in Woodland Hills, CA. Our players live in the West San Fernando Valley and surrounding communities.  Click here for more information.

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